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We all want to find that special somebody, but sometimes it doesn’t feel easy, especially in a big city. Luckily, Leeds is one of the best cities around for casual dates, and the more you get talking to people the more you’ll discover. guarantees that everybody here is genuine and looking for dates, so there’s plenty of opportunity here for you to discover the city’s secrets.

Leeds has a wealth of first-date destinations that should suit all couples. If you’re looking for romance, a walk along the river is ideal - and a picnic by the lakes of Roundhay Park can’t be missed for those really looking to make a first impression. For those aiming for something more casual, the city centre boasts a seemingly endless number of impressive restaurants, from the chaotic Red’s BBQ Grill to the more intimate Little Tokyo. Taxis are cheap in Leeds, and nothing is too far away, so if you decide to move onto another part of town you can impress by picking up the bill.

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